There’s been a lot of buzz on FB about how to get a higher pressure Hyperbaric Chamber legal-like.

The fact that in Europe, 7 psi chambers are allowed to be bought and used. But in the US, the FDA has approved up to 4 psi or 1.3 chambers. 7 psi is almost 1.5 ATA. This is why you won’t find a 7 psi chamber for sale inside the US, although Summit-to-Sea, manufacturers that have an international sales license, do offer 7 psi chambers abroad.

Here’s the funny thing — FDA DOES NOT monitor chambers that are purchased and used for your pets. And so one is legally able to purchase a 7 psi chamber from a pet oriented hyperbaric company for their loved one(s), that being the ones on 4 legs. Summit to Sea does have a separate pet oriented website with chambers they sell for pets.

What’s even more cockamamie is that when Summit contacted the FDA about using a 7 psi as a human with your pet, the got told that a person that has a pet can actually bring their pet inside a 1.5 ATA chamber and use it with their pet. That’s deemed legal by the agency.

So, even though the FDA hasn’t yet approved 1.5 here they don’t mind you purchasing that higher pressure, 7 psi chamber, for Fido. And it’s quite ok you to get inside with your pet!

Summit to Sea has a real nice Pet Hyperbaric Chamber, actually. It’s huge … 46″ in diameter and about 8′ in length. They zip in on the end, which allows the added pressure on the sides of the chamber to not affect any zippers. It’s pretty luxurious inside that thing.


And so folks, here’s the scoop — if you buy a 1.5 ATA Hyperbaric Chamber ‘for your pet,’ its yours!

Summit to Sea 46″ 7 psi High Pressure Hyperbaric Chamber

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