Stay Cool Inside Your Chamber with Green Pet Self-Cooling Pad



Recommended by Our Favorite Doctor, Garry

size: Medium/Large, 20″ x 30″

Dr. Garry says his patients experience Cool Comfort
by lying on the Mat 

Feeling the summer heat inside your chamber? Dr .Garry called to tell me about the great results he has with his patients now that they lie on this Cooling mat … normally made for pets. But it cools down your body temp on contact!

The Green Pet cooling pad helps cool you quickly using pressure-activated Self-Cooling technology. No need to plugin or put in the refrigerator overnight. The cooling process begins on contact. As soon as you hit the mat, the cooling effect starts and it can last for up to four hours. This patented “green” pad uses a non-toxic gel formula to absorb body heat and reduce body temperature. After a short period of non-use, the Self-Cooling Pet Pad is automatically recharged. It’s ideal for bringing your body temperature down inside the chamber so that your dive is more comfortable and relaxing.

Hand-washable for easy cleanup, or just wipes clean, and fits most standard-size crates and beds.

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