Mother Earth Cancer Viral Yeast Plus



This amazing set of Minerals and Nutrition is not just for Cancer

Supports these Health Conditions:

  • Cancer
  • Lyme’s Disease
  • Candida
  • All Viruses
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / Fibromyalgia
  • Autism
  • Any Auto-Immune Conditions

This Package contains the following products:

  • Calcium 2 OZ Bottle
  • Chromium 2 OZ Bottle
  • Copper 2 OZ BottleGermanium 2 OZ Bottle
  • Gold 2 OZ Bottle
  • Magnesium 2 OZ Bottle Manganese 2 OZ Bottle
  • Molybdenum 2 OZ Bottle
  • Platinum 2 OZ Bottle
  • Potassium 2 OZ Bottle
  • Selenium 2 OZ BottleSilver 2 OZ Bottle
  • Sulfur 2 OZ Bottle
  • Vanadium 2 OZ Bottle
  • Ultimatium 1/2 OZ Bottle
  • Mineral of Life 2 OZ Bottle
  • Zinc 2 OZ Bottle
  • Liposomal Vitamin C
  • Ultimate GPM (Antioxidant Complete)
  • Essential Earth Enzymes 8 OZ bottle (Proteolytic enzymes, SOD – Super Oxide Dismutase
  • Oxygen Treatment Therapy
  • Free Wellness Secrets For Life Book

Recommended packages are intended as a starter kit. Depending on each application, certain minerals will not last as long as others. If an individual mineral is consumed sooner than the rest, we have 8oz refill bottles available for all of the minerals except Indium and Ultimatium.




Cancer Plus Therapy Activation Minerals will help reverse Cancer and all of its precursors 


Any of various malignant neoplasms characterized by the proliferation of anaplastic cells that tend to invade surrounding tissue and metastasize to new body sites. Cancer is not something one “catches”, rather, it is directly caused by a malfunction in the cellular DNA. Because Cancer is actually one’s own cells misbehaving, there truly can never be any “cure” for the condition – only PREVENTION and REGENERATION!  Cancer does not kill, as all cancer really is your very own cells that have somehow started to mutate.  What kills the body is the restriction of vital nutrients to other “healthy cells” and the body slowly starves to death from lack of vital nutrients.  This protocol is designed to increase inter-cellular “communication” cycles, and help repair and regenerate “damaged” DNA.  Once this happens, cancer cells often return to their “normal” state of existence.  This “miracle” is known as “spontaneous regression” – and happens quite often.

This range of Active Minerals and Vitamins supplements are based on evidence proven by Dr dan royal. When cells themselves have right mineral structure with energy within the bone marrow where chemical production occurs, new and healthy stem cells are produced and immune system activating macrophage cells are activated.  The minerals are based on the  key German study in Germany – conclusive but of course blackballed! 

Macrophages are the blobs of goo in you can see in Live Blood. When healthy, these cell structures act as scouts, eating invaders in the bloodstream. Active macrophages eats cancer cells. Normally, a healthy immune system (one with activated macrophages) are destroying toxic invaders and cancer cells as they are formed. On the other hand, macrophages that become inactive sit, lifeless in the blood. They are powerless to fight infections and its where Cancer becomes out of control.


Cancer or Virus?

Which comes first, the virus or Cancer?

Viruses shut down macrophages. The higher the virus load, the higher risk of cancer. Viruses produce yeast blossoms. Spores are actually the viruses in your system. And the truth is, you don’t catch Cancer, you develop Cancer due to yeast blooming within cells and tissues.

Low macrophage activity means high toxic load, and high nagalase in the blood. Nagalase is an cellular degrading enzyme that is (increased) secreted by cancerous cells virus-infected cells. Even Autism is linked to high nagalase!!

Cancer Plus proven Mineral-Nutrition combination in combination with Oxygen and added Bio-Electic Therapy will activate Macrophage so that they get to work at activating Viral – Yeast defeating Macrophages!


Dr. Linus Pauling

Dr. Linus Pauling created nutrition that will enhance your Therapy. This is a great line of Nutritional Minerals that will amplify the Therapy you receive when you enter your Hyperbaric Chamber and / or lie on your QRS PEMF Mat.

Dr. Linus Carl Pauling, Father of Vitamin C discovery and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate for Chemistry, is the only person to have been awarded two unshared Nobel Prizes. Pauling was an American chemist, biochemist, peace activist, author, educator, and human rights activist. He published more than 1,200 papers and books, of which about 850 dealt with scientific topics. New Scientist called him one of the 20 greatest scientists of all time, and as of 2000, he was rated the 16th most important scientist in history.

This amazing genius created the most bio-available line of Minerals ever.

Pauling observed how minerals function amazingly well in the healing process by way of the cell’s kreb — or energy-making — cycle, observing our cells energetically respond to mineral frequencies, since minerals are basicall energetic.

And with this in mind, by healing through Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and/or QRS PEMF Therapy and adding Linus Pauling’s Mother Earth Minerals to your therapy you will increase these therapy benefits. Dr. Pauling said anytime you boost your body’s micro-current, vital mineral uptake is amplified and thus, improved, just. like amplifying a sound system, making the vital minerals evn more effective at the cellular level.

What’s more Hyperbaric pressure outside cell opens up the ion channel for the minerals to get through  the cell wall guarding post of your cells (Osmotic gradient /Redox potential). Think the Great Wall of China. Pressure gets these mineral ions past the barriers of the cell and inside the cells so that they can work their magic to regenerate their functionality and Restore your Health.

However, Linus Pauling also discovered that in order for your body to absorb and utilize these revitalizing minerals, the cellular size of the minerals that you take has to be 1/1000 of a micron, in order to get inside the cell — otherwise they cannot penetrate and do their good.

Mother Earth Minerals are clear, since they are teency- weency, therefore so you won’t see a singe particle. And they are bound to a hydrogen ion to make them ultra-usable for your cells to get well.

Pauling electromagnetized his minerals so that these minerals have an extra electron. This way they are the best absorbable minerals you’ll find anywhere.

Using the QRS PEMF pulse makes any mineral you take even more absorb since it amplifies the frequency inside your cells.




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