NES Energy4Life Rejuvenation Program

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The NES Energy4Health System

This Wellness Analysis and Therapy Program, was invented in Europe, and will be a good fit for you if you are one who is motivated to improve your health to the next level and has an inquisitive mind for cutting-edge scientific research that backs up the theory and technologies used worldwide.

This advanced Bio-Energetic Wellness program is for people who are struggling with chronic health conditions, and who after trying the conventional and other alternative means still feel something is missing.

It is also for people who have tried their best in eating right, doing regular exercise, getting enough sleep, managing stress, taking necessary supplements, but still can’t get their desired health results.

Also for parents whose child is struggling with some health issues, and want to find solutions to improve his/her health physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Accurate in-depth analysis or your systems and meridian distortions are discovered, then corresponding action steps are discussed and adopted, including a personalized nutraceuticals called Infoceuticals protocol based on your monthly scan. These infoceuticals can align your system and restore your health by raising your energy to match the Healthy Body System. In addition, you receive 3 PEMF Bio-Energetic Treatments that will enhance your results by unblocking locked up energy.

As the Energy4Life health coach, I will support you to apply the tools you have learned and encourage you to follow the plans of each course, walking with you on every step of your way in the journey.





The NES system decodes the Human Body-Field to get to the root cause. It is the easiest, most effective, and educative platform in bioenergetic healing


Your Bioenergetic Scan in the Comfort of Your Home


Body-field Remote Analysis & Rejuvenations


Image result for nes healthsystemThe NES Health body-field scan utilizes traditional Chinese medical meridians as a basis for its assessment. It then adds quantum physics and complex coding to determine the energy blockages within your body. The scanner even prioritizes the most problematic blockages, that way we can tackle the most imminent health issues first.


Remote Analysis from Home

Rather than getting your scan in my office, you are scanned in the comfort of your home. Don’t worry. It’s super easy to set-up and use.

Once your body-field scan is complete, I will review it with you over a phone or Zoom call (or a similar app) and put you on the correct path to help you…

  • Combat the stresses of daily life
  • Support your heart health
  • Wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day
  • Support nearly every aspect of your health.


1. What is a holistic approach?

See the source imageA holistic approach to health is an approach that is concerned with the body as a whole as opposed to common healthcare, which concentrates only on illnesses and wellness in specific areas of the body. We believe that maximum health is obtained when the mind, body, soul and spirit are all functioning in the best way possible and are in sync with the environment. As the human body is composed of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of well-being, if any of these areas are not working to their full potential, it will affect all the other areas. A holistic approach checks the balance from both macro and micro, biochemistry and biophysics aspects. Just like how a seed in the proper conditions of sunshine, water, and fertile soil, will sprout, grow and become what it is supposed to be, our body will return to its homeostasis if given the favorable condition and environment-----the correct energy and information, the required nutrients, etc. This is the body’s self-healing mechanism, which is able to be activated by our making sustainable changes to create the condition and environment that it needs. Healing takes time like peeling an onion layer by layer, and eventually gets down to the root cause for the body to reverse the conditions and reach its natural balanced state.

2. What are the guiding principles applied to a holistic approach of health restoration?

  • The root cause of disease is at the level of energy and information of the body.
  • Genes do not determine your health condition in the majority cases; rather, gene expression is the key.
  • Given the right conditions and environment, the body has the ability to heal by itself.
  • Checking every aspect and factor that may affect the balance of the body, mind, soul and spirit, and make changes in those areas that are out of balance.
  • Food has to be individualized to serve your unique biology. Diet is a necessary piece of the health that provides fuel to our body, but it also needs to meet our bio-individuality.
  • Lifestyle factors play an important role in health, such as sleep, physical activities, etc.
  • Emotions are an integral part of our experience. They influence our physical body and health depending on whether they are in harmony or not.
  • The natural environment that we live in has an impact on our wellbeing. A toxic environment will cause damage to our cell functions.
  • Social environment and relationships will affect our health on different levels.
  • The mental state and core beliefs that we hold on to will set a tone for either illness or health.
  • The spiritual condition, often a neglected factor, actually plays a key part in physical wellbeing.
  • ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and other traumas in life have to be healed and overcome in order to regain health. In some cases, this is the missing piece that prevents total healing.
  • Taking proactive actions are encouraged before chronic conditions worsen or become full blown.

3. What is NES Health BioEnergetiX WellNES System?

NES Health is European invented and the leader in the ground-breaking field of bioenergetics, which is the study, detection, and correction of energy in living systems. NES has spent decades mapping out the energy and communication systems of the body that are termed, “the human body-field,” functioning as a control system for the body’s physical activity.

When this field is under-powered or distorted, the body is unable to run in an optimal way and its cells and sub-systems may start deteriorating. Symptoms often begin with simply feeling tired, but they can devolve into just about any known health problem. When we improve the function of the body-field and combine this with good nutrition and lifestyle choices, the body’s incredible self-healing system can take over and begin restoring the body to health.

Resting on the shoulder of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine, and combining quantum physics, this revolutionary system is truly a wonder, where ancient wisdom meets modern science, to help and support you in your overall health and wellness.

The NES Health system involves three steps:See the source image

1) Assess the Body-Field – with scanning technology that will provide you with a detailed, comprehensive, and holistic wellness report in just 20 seconds. While this isn’t a medical assessment, the scan’s bioenergetic matching process often shows a strong correlation to known health concerns. But more importantly, this approach looks for the underlying problem, addressing health concerns from their roots with the bioenergetic solutions. This panoramic view on a deeper level equips you with a roadmap in your health journey, and it could be the starting point to turn your health around or take your health to the next optimal level.

Here is just a small fraction of what you are going to see in your scan on an bioenergetic level:

  • Energy blockages in the body’s meridian pathway
  • System distortions
  • Pathogenic invaders
  • Associated mind-body affected regions
  • Nutritional absorption and imbalances
  • Intolerance(s) to a lot of common foods, including gluten, grains, beans, nuts, nightshade vegetables, etc.
  • Exposure to Environmental Toxins like toxic metals, mold, EMF, chemicals, agricultural sprays, etc.
  • Emotions and past traumas affecting your health
  • Antioxidants regulations
  • Fat management and metabolism
  • Much more


2) Unblock and Rejuvenate – with the miHealth device (as seen on The Doctors Show) to locate, unblock and release energy blockages. MiHealth is a non-invasive and clinically researched device based on PEMF technology and NES Health’s proprietary field correction signals. It works “on body” with smart bioelectric stimulation that uses real-time biofeedback to give your body exactly what it needs, clearing away energy blocks in order to rejuvenate your energy field to its optimal state. Learn More

3) Restore Correct Information -with liquid remedies called Infoceuticals to help activate your body’s own healing system on a cellular and energetic level. This quantum-level approach enhances the strength of your body’s energy, regulates the accurate flow of information needed by your cells to function proper, and restores your body’s energy flow. Learn more


I will help interpret these scan results and empower you with guidelines not only about what needs support on a energetic level but also how to support it through miHealth and Infoceuticals. You will be further coached on the practical steps needed to make changes for better health.


Health Coaching

We begin with assessment of you or your child through a Bioenergetic Scan, in which a quantum-based body-field scanner (non-invasive) will provide a detailed picture for you to understand overall health energetically-----all body systems that are out of whack,  unwelcome pathogenic invaders, nutrients , emotion imbalances, and all the other possible factors that could affect their health like physical movement, hydration, sleep, environmental toxins, EMF, etc. as well as the most neglected factor of developmental traumas.

As research has shown the best window for children to delete these negative energetic imprints is before the age of 9, and the next window is before the age of 19.

Following the analysis, you will receive a list of individualized Infoceuticals best suited for you or your child's needs, designated miHealth energy clearing protocol, and supplements recommendation if needed. Coach you with practical steps to make the necessary changes. With a personal portal of you or your child, you can view the results of the Bioenergetic scan and the protocols at any time.

  • One hour consultation based on your NES Health scan can be performed monthly
  • Infoceuticals protocol for clearing energy blockages, raising the energy of your system to match one of ideal health. Infoceuticals support energy flow on a cellular level
  • miHealth PEMF application for energy support and pain reduction
  • Full-body energy realignment
  • Guidance on making changes in areas that may affect your wellbeing like diet, physical activities, sleep, emotions, relationship, environment, stress, spiritual life, etc.
  • Personal Portal login to view your scan




Additional information


QRS PEMF Mat & Pillow, QRS PEMF Mat, Pillow & Probe, QRS PEMF Mat, Pillow & Eye Goggles, QRS PEMF Mat, Pillow & Ear Device, QRS PEMF Mat, Pillow, Probe & Eye Goggles, QRS PEMF Mat, Pillow, Probe & Ear Device, QRS PEMF Mat, Pillow, Probe & Ear Device, QRS PEMF Mat, Pillow, Probe, Eye Goggles & Ear Device

QRS PEMF System – The industry’s most comprehensive PEMF! 

So Effective, Dr. Oz featured the actual QRS system on his National TV show because QRS is the only mat backed and proven by actual studies 

The QRS System Includes:

  • Main Control Unit
  • Full Body Mat
  • Pillow Mat
  • Carrying Case
  • Instruction Manual
  • Incredible Support

* Optional Pen Probe (acupuncture points, dental, carpal tunnel), Ear Appliance (tinnitus) or Eye Goggles (macular degeneration) are available


The QRS is such a fantastic PEMF system that DR. OZ chose to feather this particular brand on his National TV show with video. LOOK UP DR. OZ and PEMF

For those looking for and researching a PEMF therapy system, the internet is littered with propaganda put out by one of the multi-level resellers of the iMRS system. It is actually difficult to find sources of information that this person has not created, whereby he invalidates all other PEMF systems except the iMRS. Thus giving the distinct and false impression all PEMF therapy systems available are inferior except the one he sells.

The QRS Quantron Resonance System is a registered medical device with a number of world patents. The QRS has decades of science-backed validation to prove its profound efficacy for enhancing health. And the QRS is NOT an over-hyped and over-priced multilevel product or company!

I provide tremendous customer support and a scientifically proven PEMF system that will provide years of benefit to your health and wellbeing. After all my 20 years of study and purchases of various tools for health, there is one tool I will never be without. And that is a PEMF system!


Here’s summary of points on why QRS is by far the world’s best PEMF system

1.   How was it developed?   QRS is the original system developed by world renowned inventor Dr EG Fischer working with the prestigious team of leading scientists.  This included  Dr. Linus Pauling considered the father of Vitamin C and Ortho Molecular Medicine  and recipient of (2) Nobel Peace prizes.  Also Dr Robert O Becker considered the father of electrotherapy and electrochemically induced cellular regeneration. Dr Becker leading the early opposition to high voltage power lines and was named one of the most influential figures in the area of anti EMF activism.

2.   QRS has (4) world Patents on their technology and continue to improve it with proprietary developments to this day. The other competitors tried to use this proven technology but were forced to stop. So since they can’t use the proven patented technology, their mats instead rely on inferior unpatented, unproven substitutes.

3.   QRS has far more research than any other PEMF system with over 200 papers and clinical studies published.

4.   One of the most significant points is the QRS is the only PEMF systems that absorbs harmful electro smog (EMF’s) and they have the patent that protects this critical technical capability.  You can find some videos on the internet showing that the IMRS and the Bemer created 30 to 60 times more electrosmog than the QRS, which registers at 0.  This is critical.   Think of it.  Would you sleep with your head resting on your cell phone?

5.   QRS is designed to sleep on as it utilizes a soft and plush mesh fiber system.  iMRS don’t have the patent to resort to a hard copper coil system.

6.   QRS has an ear device accessory which helps with Tinnitus and other hearing problems.  It also has Treatment Goggles which help many eye conditions including Macular degeneration and  Glaucoma.  iMRS, in contrast, has a, what they call, brain entertainment light and music show that they have the nerve to sell for $700.

7.   Exclusvie patented bioavailable wave form signal that is an identical match to nature. They us a proprietary Double Sawtooth QRS e-Function Signal – The proprietary softly curled QRS e-Function Signal is different than the other brands. And it’s NOT something that can be easily produced such as the inferior, jolted energy Square Wave that’s used in the MRS and Other Systems.  

8.   QRS works so well QRS offers you a 1 month return privilege.  You have no risk.  No other systems offers anything close to this.  IMRS offers only 15 days. Could there be something they’re afraid of?

9.   Service and support I have to say I was very very disappointed with the IMRS folks I bought from on the internet … but very pleased with QRS.


Why QRS is the BEST – 3 Worldwide International Patents

  • 30 years scientific research and development
  • 17 university professors
  • The only system with proof of direct results, worldwide patents
  • Tested medical equipment – according to Medical Products 93/42 EC
  • Quality tested, highest standards according to ISO 9002 certificate
  • Research and development results from Space Research Programs. Scientific tests through Eurospace and World Space Research gives All magnetic field therapy manufacturers generally claim that their products regenerate cells, heal diseases and energize cells by activating the cell metabolism. Cell metabolism however is always conditional on ion transport.
  • Therefore be prudent with such statements: Only QRS after many years of research has the worldwide patent for ion transport in the body cells. If anyone claims this ability, the statement is either wrong or is infringing on the worldwide QRS patent.
  • Only QRS is completely justified in claiming to accomplish the transport of hydrogen-calcium-sodium-potassium-chloride and magnesium ions.
  • Because of that, better cell supply is possible and at the same time cells are freed from waste products and toxins.
  • QRS provides a marked increase of oxygen in the tissues; the rate of oxygen diffusion is raised by 80-900% and energy molecules (ATP) are formed.
  • The QRS system even allows of transport of these structures possible through hardened or flagging tissue structures.
  • QRS positive results
  • International clinical investigations and testing
  • International scientific studies and proof


Patent 1 – Protection from Interfering Fields

  • Wherever there are electrical cables in the air, earth or buildings, electrosmog exists. This can cause so-called energy diseases, which in turn can cause chronic diseases.
  • While infectious diseases decreased more and more during the last I00 years, chronic disease rose rapidly (also due to energy deficits).
  • The healing frequencies of natural magnetic fields do not stand a chance against the electrosmog fields, the self-healing processes of the body are blocked.
  • The quantronic therapy system intervenes by supplying the body again with vital energy.
  • Such artificially generated healing magnetic fields only have an effect if a reduced EMF field was generated in the room first.
  • This means that the existing electrosmog has to be reduced to a minimum. Because if therapeutic frequencies are mixed with the electrosmog they have a far from healing effect.
  • QRS is the only manufacturer who considers this and has internationally patented the “50 HZ electrosmog killer” in connection with quantronic therapy.

Patent 2 – Ion Transport Device for Transport of Ions Especially Protons

  • All magnetic field therapy manufacturers generally claim that their products regenerate cells, heal diseases and energize cells by activating the cell metabolism. Cell metabolism however is always conditional on ion transport.
  • Therefore be prudent with such statements: Only QRS after many years of research has the worldwide patent for ion transport in the body cells. If anyone claims this ability, the statement is either wrong or is infringing on the worldwide QRS patent.
  • Only QRS is completely justified in claiming to accomplish the transport of hydrogen-calcium-sodium-potassium-chloride and magnesium ions.
  • Because of that, better cell supply is possible and at the same time cells are freed from waste products and toxins.
  • QRS provides a marked increase of oxygen in the tissues; the rate of oxygen diffusion is raised by 80-900% and energy molecules (ATP) are formed.
  • The QRS system even allows of transport of these structures possible through hardened or flagging tissue structures.


Patent 3 – Resonance Phenomenon

  • In order to support the cell metabolism. as well as releasing the cells of toxins, free radicals and waste products the tension of the cell membrane has to be maintained at a high level. To slow down the cell aging at the same, the energy part of the cell has to be built up. Only then energy molecules (ATP) will be formed.
  • This only works with the cell specific amplitude window. This window in the body cell was discovered by QRS and it makes the Ion transport possible and therefore the so-called resonance phenomenon.
  • Only in this way a resonance can be produced in ions, cell membranes and the walls of blood vessels. And only when this resonance is produced can ions be transported and the cell metabolism is beneficially influenced.
  • How this actually works as with QRS, it strengthens the immune system as well as regeneration of the body through production of protein (in the case of nerve cells; memory proteins), build-up and balancing of the bio-electro-potential of cell energy, strengthening of the metabolism and activation of hormone production.
  • The patent was issued for these phenomenons which are the sole preconditions for the energy build-up in the cell.
  • The QRS applies controlled electromagnetic fields (resonance), adapted to the organism, to the body and this achieves:
  • A completely deep action as in every part of the organism fields and currents are formed, even in the blood vessels, where until now only pharmaceuticals could effect the necessary regulation.
  • A strengthening of the body’s own weakened fields, to steady and stabilize bones, for the exchange of cell nutrients and waste products, for the formation of proteins, to regenerate cell components and to boost the immune system.
  • A harmonization of uncoupled oscillators to balance tension and relation in the autonomic nervous system, to gently dilate tense blood vessels, to initiate sleeping rhythms and automatically initiate the performance phase in the morning.
  • Most medications, which spontaneously cover the symptoms of disease, often have unforeseeable side effects. The QRS however, supports the natural healing capacity of an organism and helps to fight the causes of disease without the side effects. Of course therapy with the QRS is quicker and more successful if it is supported by proper nutrition and the necessary exercise.


The Key-Lock Principle is the Bioelectric QRS Master Key to the Cell Membrane

The QRS System activates cells for better absorption of vital substances including oxygen. The daily use of the QRS vitalizes the organism in a specific ways, which, for example, can only be reached by taking a daily walk for more than three hours.

In detail: The QRS increases cell metabolism and therefore improves the cell membrane potential. This improves the cell’s ability to function. The improved electric cell voltage provides a higher “osmotic” pull for the absorption of minerals and nutrients into the cell. At the same time the circulation of the blood in the tissues is increased providing thirsty cells with more oxygen.

A higher blood and oxygen penetration provides further positive effects: reduction of fermentation processes and acid excesses, relaxation of tensed hardened muscles, boosting metabolism and strengthening the immune system. Additionally QRS works in a purifying way, promoting the removal of toxic agents out of the cells.

When hormones cause muscle growth, there is no effort behind it, but in a simple and ingenious principle of nature: hormones function exclusively as  signaling substances, which transport messages. But the cell will accept the message only if the “feelers” of the hormone fit perfectly into the docking station of the cell, the cell “receptors”. This mechanism is called the “key-lock principle”.

In the meantime science has found out that a cell not only transforms the “secret codes” of the hormones into a biologic language but also turns on special “electromagnetic receptors”, which react by means of quantum resonance fields.

Quantum fields have the particular characteristic that they gently pass through the body without resistance, in contrast to light, sound and electric frequencies, which are already absorbed in the upper skin layers.

QRS has imitated this principle of nature in an ingenious way. The QRS frequencies latch into the receptor as a frequency message, a code. Then the body’s own biological language the messages: “cells work, cells produce energy, cells clean up – are received by the cell effectively!”


Only QRS has Fibonacci in this PEMF Patented Technology 

The QRS e-function (exponential) waveform is a soft-curl Fibonacci shape at the top of each power pulse being emitted with a soft dissipation of the energy, slowly removing the power at first, and then it lets go, faster and faster, in an exponential spin until it hits infinite speed of release.

This e-function waveform only works with the cell specific amplitude window and is the secret to the unlocking principle in the cell walls to begin the osmotic ionic transfer of nutrients – in and flush of the waste – out.

This is called the “Resonance Phenomenon” that initiates the “Ion Transport.” QRS has two worldwide patents in relation to this.


This group of frequencies that make up a QRS e-function waveform satisfies all the frequencies of the body cells from 0.1 hertz to 1,000 hertz, but do not contain the frequencies in the range of 50 to 60 hertz which is protection from interfering EMF fields (electrosmog). This is an additional QRS worldwide patent. Gauss meters that measure electrosmog will show no change in power by measuring a QRS Signal because the QRS is the only PEMF system that has this patented built in “Electrosmog Neutralizer.”

Relax Program: 0.3Hz, 1.5Hz, 3.0Hz dominant frequencies present 3.0Hz through 1000Hz subtly underlying the other frequencies. These frequencies focus on activating the parasympathetic nervous system. This program will positively influence deep relaxation, immune system stimulation, insomnia, and stress reduction as well as red blood cell support for oxygen transport.

Basis Program: 3Hz, 22Hz, 500Hz, 750Hz, 1000Hz dominant frequencies present, 1000Hz through 10,000Hz subtly underlying the other frequencies. The Basis program focuses on ion-transport, especially protons into the cells, thus stimulating cell metabolism & cellular communication. Red blood cell separation is also stimulated.

Vital Program: 0.1 Hz, 10Hz, 22Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 750Hz Dominant frequencies present, 750Hz through 10,000Hz subtly underlying the other frequencies. The Vital program is very similar to the Basis program, this program positively influences vitality. These frequencies focus on activation of nitric oxide and oxygen to blood, tissues and cells. Nitric Oxide, is a oxygen carrier molecule and was awarded a Nobel Prize for it’s importance in cardiovascular health.


Some Body System Benefits with QRS Therapy

Strengthens the overall cardiovascular system:

v Improves blood circulation and micro-circulation; reduces blood platelet adhesion (stickiness).

v Helps Prevent Thrombosis (blood clots).

v Regulates high and low blood pressure; stimulates natural release of Nitric Oxide to relax and expand blood vessels.

v Improves blood vessels, improves the cholesterol level, increases the oxygen partial pressure.

Respiratory System:

v Increases oxygen uptake and reduces respiratory problems and asthma attacks.


Skeletal System:

v Measurable increases in bone density (20-30 percent) after six months of daily use

v Reduces pain and inflammation, improves circulation and oxygenation.


Muscles& Tissue Healing:

v Enhances the healing of muscle injuries from strains, sprains, tendonitis, and bursitis

v Speeds post-operative healing of tissues, scars, etc.


Metabolism& Hormone System:

v Improves metabolism functions

v Stimulates ATP production to provide more energy for the cells

v Moves waste products and toxins out of the cells                                                                                        

Nervous System:

v Reduces stress

v Provides positive effects in: Nervousness, Sleeping Disorders


Other QRS Clinical Trials and Scientific Studies

Pain alleviation – 1995

University of Graz – Prof. Dr. Fisher. Published on the 26th Annual Conference on Internal Medicine in Vienna

Cardiovascular – 1997

Ärztezeitschrift ZÄN July 1997

Jena University

Dr. med. G. Grohmann, Prof. Dr. Ing.-habil. M. Krauss

Safety to pacemakers – 1997

Karlsruhe University

Univ.-Prof. Dr. K. Meyer-Waarden

Stray radiation safety (pacemakers) – 1998

Accredited EMV – Prüflabor

Fa. Spiess, EMV – Messtechnik

Stimulated metabolism, in particular Ca++ – 1998

Book “Grundlagen der Quantentherapie’

Dr. E. G. Fischer – Univ.-Prof. Dr. H. L. König

Headache – insomnia – potency stimulation – 1998

Study of Univ. – Prof. Dr. R. B. Pelka, Dr. V. Moliere

Book “Grundlagen der Quantentherapie”

Increased pulmonal oxygen absorption rate – 1998

Space research project, 1998 with QRS Ministry of Health, Moscow

Increased circulation as determined by thermography – 1998

Prof. Dr. hibil. W.A. Kafka, Max-Plank Institute

Prof. Dr. Ing.-hibil. M. Krauss

Proliferation of bacteria – 1998

Study at the Hohenheim University

Univ.-Prof. Dr. R. Süssmuth, Dr. R. Mittenzwey

Wound healing (ulcerated legs) – 1998

Study at the General Accident Hospital Graz

Primarius Univ.-Prof. Dr. R. Passl

Oxygen partial pressure increase up to 300% – 1998

Large-scale study at the Saarland University, Book ‘Grundlagen der Quantentherapie”

Dr. E.G.Fischer

Osteoporosis – 1998-2001

Study and doctoral thesis at the Frankfurt University

Prof.Dr.L.Zichner,, Large-scale study, duration

Diseases of the locomotor systems – 1999

Shoulder, hip and knee joint, neuralgias

Graz University, Univ.-Prof. Dr. rer.nat.G. Fischer

Dr.W.Glaube, W. Kobinger, published at the Österreichische Zeitschrift für physikalische Medizine und Rehabilitation

Improved blood count – 1999

(prevention of thrombus generation)


Prof. Dr. hibil. Mult. J. Waldmann, Prof.Dr.Ing-hibil. M. Krauss

Rheumatology and Osteology – 1999

Hygiene Institute of the Graz University and Teaching Hospital Marburg/Drau

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Blood diagnostics-changes in blood volume – 1999


Prof.Dr.hibil.mult.J.Waldmann, Prof.Dr.Ing-hibil.M.Krauss, G.Grohmann

Toxicity of white blood cells – 2000

Safety of QRS administration up to 2 hours duration and more.

Prof.Dr.Dr.A Varga, Heidelberg University

Demonstration of ion transport (cellular metabolism). Patented at QRS – 2000

Demonstration of the transport of ions Na+ K+, and Ca++ at the Szeged University (Hungary)

Prof. Dr. Dr. A. Varga and Dr. D. Deralat at the Max-Plank-Institute

Field leakage at various applications – 2000

The involvement of third persons under QRS therapy

Determination of the required minimum distance.


Exact investigation of field strengths and frequency patterns – 2000

The signal-theoretic analysis on the QRS stimulation signal


Wound healing sacral decubitus/multiple varicose ulcers – 2000

Study at the General Accident Hospital Graz Primarium Univ.-Prof.Dr.R..Passl

Dental treatment – circulation treatment of the pulp – 2000

Jena: University,


Prof.Dr.Ing.-habil. M. Krauss

Cardiovascular – sympathicus control by QRS – 2000

Prof. Dr. Fischer AG Institute – Technology Center – Chemnitz

Prof. Dr. Ing.-hibil M. Krauss

Gonarthrosis – 2001

Double-bling study, Doz. Dr. Z.Turk,

Marburg University Hospital

Univ.-Prof.Dr.rer.nat. G.Fischer, Graz University

Parkinson’s Disease – 2001

Case study

Trinidad and Tobago University



Cancer treatment – 2001

“La Torre” Health Center, Torino

QRS therapy and oncology, pilot study

Ocular treatment- changes in retinal circulation – 2001

Jena University


Prof.Dr.Ing-hibil. M.Krauss

Bone healing-osteoporosis-in vertebral disk lesions – 2001

Pilot study

Edith-Stein-achklink, Neurology and Orthopedics

QRS customers field study, 30,000 QRS users 100 case studies – 2001

Munich University


Fitness sports/lactate and balance – 2001

Double-blind study

Germany Armeded Forces University Munich

Univ.-Prof. Dr.R.B.Pelka


As you utilize Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for all the health-giving benefits that oxygen offers your body, would you to like to enhance this therapy and power up your health and the health of your loved ones to the NEXT LEVEL? If so, I have a great suggestion, one that goes with HBOT like coffee goes with your cup!

Try PEMF Therapy on for size!

PEMF or Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy will improve your hyperbaric therapy sessions as it amplifies the energy systems of your body. By adding an 8 minute PEMF session right before you dive, you can improve the functionality of the cells throughout your body. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy sessions, of course, are bringing the nourishing goodness of oxygen into your body and coursing it through your body’s blood plasma, which in turn serves as the therapeutic fuel that powers the engine. Pulsed ElectroMagnetic therapy will charge your engine! BECOME A FERARRI.

The way your body works, it produces brand new cells every minute of the day. Old cells die while the new are created. And by improving your cellular function, you are improving your life force and quality of your life.

Begin PEMF technology, and the integrity of the cell is improved – yes absolutely – and that is just one of its great benefits. The cell is like a battery and PEMF, the charger. A charged battery means more personal vitality, and more energy to heal and recover.

PEMF strengthens your system with its balancing frequencies, frequencies the body just loves, and thrives on. And incorporating a PEMF mat into your oxygen therapy program will upsurge the permeability and the in-out functions of your cell membranes so that they absorb oxygen through their walls like a suction cup. And now, too, they begin to release inflammatory toxins and remove it from the body.

With your Hyperbaric Chamber you’ve begun to create this lush, oxygen-rich environment and permitted your body to uptake that oxygen. However, an extra special

bonus with the adjunct of Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Therapy, is that because it improves the permeability of your cells and increases the transport of oxygen across those barriers, you begin to thrive on a higher level of cellular performance. Let the restoration begin!!

Even more, Pulsed ElectoMagnetic Frequency Therapy treatment is the BEST way to optimize the uptake of oxygen you receive in the hyperbaric chamber because it separates all the red blood cells and enables them to carry the oxygen that you then deliver to every cell and tissue while in the chamber. It takes only eight minutes for this to happen to the red blood cells, which is astonishing – and proven! If a person has inflammation then their blood will be clumped together and the red cells are the equivalent to a whole lot of taxis gridlocked together. None of them can get their passenger door open to let in the oxygen. So if you put a person with clumped blood in the chamber (and most people will have high inflammation) then their ability to carry all the oxygen is not optimal and they miss out on the greatest benefit.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Frequency Therapy treatments go together hand in glove! The beauty of this is that they are both natural too – oxygen and energy! That is what the human body thrives on!

PEMF therapy will add a new dimension to the quality of your Health-Achievement Strategy. Discover renewed energy that will transform the quality of your life. The PEMF/HBOT strategy is truly a perfect combination for Health.

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