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OxyMask – the better oxygen mask

OxyMask™ is a revolutionary open mask design capable of delivering a broad range of oxygen concentrations from 24 to 90 percent, at flows ranging from 1 to 15+ liters per minute. OxyMask™ is your complete mask solution.


No wasted oxygen:

  • OxyMask allows maximum absorption from your Concentrator – up to 95% as compared to 35% through a cannula
  • No reduction of oxygen flow in your chamber like you find with other masks

Further benefits:

  • Reduces risk of CO2 rebreathing — During exhalation, the mask openings allow expired carbon dioxide to escape
  • Reduces risk of aspiration — Open Mask design minimizes the potential of emesis being aspirated
  • Uninterrupted oxygen therapy — Patient communication, care and oral based therapies are possible without removing the mask and interrupting delivery of oxygen.
  • Does not contain any natural rubber latex or Phthalates such as DEHP

Minimizes potential for allergic response. (Excluding OxyArm™ and OxyChin™, which are not free of phthalates)

Lightweight, Open design:

  • Reduces feelings of claustrophobia
  • Allows unrestricted communication
  • OxyMask provides access for fluids and oral medication
  • Sits lightly on the face, reducing the possibility of skin breakdown under the nose, on the cheeks and on the ears
  • Aids compliance of prescribed oxygen therapy by reducing interruptions


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