Preowned Newtowne Class 7 34″ 4-7-9 psi High Pressure Hyperbaric Chamber



This chamber comes with 4psi & 7psi valves – 9psi valve available for $200

Searching for a 7 to 9psi  / 1.5 to 1.6ATA home use hyperbaric chamber? This is a rare find! This Newtowne Flexi Lite is a model that Newtowne discontinued in order to get out of the higher pressure business. This 34″ is in excellent condition and for sale by a gal who isn’t using it anymore. This chamber goes beyond 7psi and up to 9psi. Variable pressures of 4-7-9 psi / 1.3-1.5-1.6ATA

It is built like a tank. You can see by all the zippers that it is built to sustain the higher pressure and retain its quality. It will last a lifetime. This is the same quality chamber that now being sold for $35,000 and when it new was sold by Newtowne Hyperbarics for $20,000. Sale price for this one of a kind chamber is $14,999. Please get in touch if this interests you!

Chamber includes a Certified check up by manufacture to assure it is in perfect running condition


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Spacious 34″ inch diameter, 8 foot length, 4 psi (1.3 ATA), 7 psi (1.5 ATA), (9 psi capable (1.6 ATA)

This Newtowne Flexi Lite chamber is ideal for the clinical setting or major compromised medical conditions:

4, 7 and 9 psi pressures for variable dives.

  • Reaches up to 7 psi (9 psi valve is available) internal pressure
  • Comfortably accommodates an adult and child.
  • Easy movement, lots of space

This Flexi Lite 34″ 4 – 7, 9 psi valve (available) Newtowne chamber is ideal for the clinical setting or major compromised medical conditions:


  • Extended warranty is available on this chamber.

FDA Approval:

The hyperbaric chamber is a Class II Medical Device that is cleared by the FDA for home and office use.


This chamber can be financed – – with either 18 months-no-interest or a plan of 12, 24, 36, 48, and 60 month terms.

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4 PSI Grand Dive, 7 PSI Grand Dive

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