AN UPDATED TESTIMONIAL BY CHRISTIE WYGANT (MOM): This is Denise. She started having seizures when she was just over a year old. She is now epileptic, can’t talk or walk. CBD (recommended by her neurologist) has helped her immensely with her strength and cognitive envelopment. She now can eat without a feeding tube which is amazing. Her single mom is wanting to give Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and it’s not covered by insurance but has shown to help with brain connections for traumatic brain injury patients. If you have a bit to give, any amount is a blessing.



4/10: We are only 10 dives away from our goal of the first initial 40 dives 😊 We have seen many improvements and cannot believe we were able to start treatment so soon. This was made possible by all our supporters and donations. A nasty cough ran through our house and the dives helped me and Denise get over it quickly before it even affected us . She is sitting up better than ever before and her head control keeps improving. Denise can not sit up by herself but is standing supported and now moves her feet and knees to take steps 🙂 Its amazing for me to see her try to walk . I’ve never felt so much energy and my anxiety is practically gone (not to mention stronger hair and nails ) . We are very happy and it was worth every penny 😊♥️


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Thinking about how far Denise has come and what a difference our home remedy’s have done vs how she was on harsh pharmaceutical drugs she use to be on. First picture is before starting CDB oil and HBOT to the second picture taken today. You can see the difference even in her eyes. Notice the clenched fists she use to have to her tone now ♥️😊

BEFORE                                                                               NOW


4/19: We are on dive number 55 ! I’m so happy to be able to say that. Denise did so good at her check up that we are weaning a couple of medications , she will be down to just one medication – baclofen. With the weaning off medications and continued use of HBOT we hope for some good changes coming soon.

The biggest improvements we have seen in Denise are improved motor functions, sleep, appetite, endurance, energy, less anxiety, better tone, head control and coordination. Denise is tolerating positions in therapy she never did before. We are getting a gait trainer to see what surprises she has next for us for her to walk.

In myself I have had amazing results as well, NO MORE headaches – completely gone, my anxiety is over with , my energy increased, no more ptsd, I feel great . For the first time ever I changed Denise’s button without freaking out – that’s always been hard for me .

Here’s Denise in her early morning dive 😊♥️

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, child, selfie and closeupImage may contain: 1 person, smiling, selfie and closeup
May 9, 2019
She is glowing! I love seeing her changes on the outside reflecting her inside changes 😊♥️
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