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Denise started having seizures when she was just over a year old. She is now epileptic, can’t talk or walk. We are only 10 dives away from our goal of the first initial 40 dives  We have seen many improvements and cannot believe we were able to start treatment so soon. This was made possible by all our supporters and donations. She is sitting up better than ever before and her head control keeps improving. Denise cannot sit up by herself but is standing supported and now moves her feet and knees to take steps  Its amazing for me to see her try to walk . I’ve never felt so much energy and my anxiety is practically gone (not to mention stronger hair and nails) . We are very happy and it was worth every penny ♥ Thinking about how far Denise has come and what a difference our home remedies have done vs how she was on harsh pharmaceutical drugs she use to be on. First picture is before starting CDB oil and HBOT to the second picture taken today. You can see the difference even in her eyes. Notice the clenched fists she use to have to her tone now ♥


BEFORE                                                                                   AFTER



— Christie Wygant


Amazing Experience with QRS PEMF together with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
We have been using QRS for the last six years in our clinic. Michelle Faber is fantastic. I needed a PEMF system because I had terminal cancer (now in remission six years) an American doctor recommended PEMF to me for breast cancer. When my family did a heap of research they found that QRS had the best pedigree. Since then we have been using QRS on hundreds of people in New Zealand. The results can be astonishing and seeing is believing! They work very well on a raft of illnesses. The nearest things that we treat to what you are looking for are various types of stroke. When we treat stroke patients or people with cerebral hemorrhage damage we use a combination of QRS BEFORE mild HBOT and we also use an M1 device inside the chamber during the oxygen therapy. With low oxygen environments (mild pressure) there is no risk to the patient. You can also use the M1 during the day because it is mobile. You still need the QRS as this treatment is a systemic one rather than a localised one. Both are required for maximum repair. We use a Brain Gauge test from Cortical metrics to track the repair to the brain and it shows improvement in about 96% of people that we apply it too. They FEEL better and their previous problems are diminished so we can cross reference their Brain Gauge results with their observations.
— Hayley Brown

I just purchased a Newtowne in April. My LLMD recommended them and we just happened to be going to Ocean City for a few days. We swung by their factory totally unannounced and they normally do appointments. They were more than happy to show us 2 of their chambers and let us decide which I felt more comfortable with. We purchased one that day and it arrived by the end of the next week. For the price I don’t think you can beat it. It’s not as aesthetically pleasing as other brands but it does the job.

— Jennifer Skinner Stamm

Oh thanks so much for your help with the purchase of my 34″ chamber.  It was a perfect choice because my husband and I are not skinny, this is so roomy I couldn’t get over that, my son and his girlfriend get in it together and still no problem, I can’t get over the fact of how professional you are with all the info and videos you have given me – thank you again. My Doughter said thanks to for hooking her up with the great deal on her 02 concentrator. Oh and thanks again for the gifts you included, I still can’t get over the fact of how fast your responses on everything were. I will keep you posted on my husbands progress. 2 treatments so far and he’s moving the leg that was effected by the stroke 3 years ago! Thanks again!
— Luis is doing great he had so far 13 treatments, already his speech is turning into sentences, small one’s but you can tell he’s understanding what I’m saying so he is responding, we have accomplished so much already, it is given him hope we are so excited, I’ve done 17 treatments so far I can’t tell you the amazing energy and the fog in my brain has lifted I could get addicted to hbot for sure.

— Gerlinde Smith

It has shocked me just how fast our new hyperbaric chamber has begun to work. My wife recently suffered from a concussion, but after only two sessions she is already experiencing better locution, speech speed and mental clarity. I’m actually amazed how much she’s already improved and just how fast. So much so, I believe I’m going to start using the chamber for myself.

— Dr. Ted Moore

I am writing to thank you for your help with the Summit to Sea 33” Military HYPERBARIC CHAMBER that we bought with your help.   Your price was great, and we shopped around a lot.  I think it’s best to buy a brand new Summit to Sea model, instead of spending as much or more for an Oxyhealth model.  You suggested the mattress pad and oxygen concentrator, both of which were wonderful additions to the purchase. The chamber was pretty easy for me to set up myself, with no professional help.   It is big, and takes up a nice chunk of our living room, but it’s totally worth it. I was very impressed with your willingness to help.  You always took my phone calls and always replied to my emails, even after I’d already bought and paid for everything.  I can assure you not all vendors are so willing to help customers.  You helped me to set up the Oxygen concentrator and walked me through all of my questions about that.  You took time to do a Skype video call with me while I put that O2 concentrator together. We’re really happy with this purchase, and your service throughout  Thank you very much Michelle!

— Brian Nomi

Hi Ms. Faber, I sincerely appreciate the diligence you have displayed in working to get this order processed.  I really wanted to just wait until the check got there and, from the beginning, didn’t want either of us to have to pay more fees for money handling beyond what was necessary.  I do, of course, look forward to the order’s arrival but have been content to let the process work out.  You have been a champ and I will happily recommend your company to anyone looking into hyperbarics.  I wish you all the best. Thanks for the updates and working with me.  I’ll be back at the hospital today.  Thanks again. Sincerely, Dr. Bill Chancellor Associate Professor, Family Medicine, Louisiana State University School of Medicine LA

— Dr. Bill Chancellor

I’m so glad it worked for you. That will definitely confirm for me in the future what to tell people

— Stacy Hodges

This is Benjamin Buford Blue or Bubba the hyperbaric oxygen chamber. Oxygen is fed into the chamber by on oxygen concentrator named Forrest. Instrumental in regaining my health!

— Robin Wraight O’Bannon

Well I’m pretty stoked i just got some of my Lab test markers back. My SCL-70 test (Systemic Scleroderma) is almost normal its 1.3, i was 18 mos ago at 2.7! Ive been over 2 for the last 4 yrs in multiple tests! 1.0 is normal! This is the closest I’ve come which also explains why I’ve seen improvements. My CD57 is 115 i was at 69 18 mos ago. They call this normal, but when it comes to Lyme they suggest 200 is a good level for your killer cells to be functional. My Cardiolipin is at 20, which is tied to autoimmune is a low, medium positive still. I was at 92.7 -92.9 basal body temp when i started Hyperbaric. This is my basal temp now. Still a bit low, but definitely a huge improvement. Not bad for going on my 4th wk. Here’s to kicking Lyme in the rear! I should add that ive not added in any new supplements or anything else thats new/different, so im sure the credit goes to hyperbaric.

— Jill Smith

My son who has Autism and I both are on our 20th Dive! Before we started, he was non-verbal, anti-social, and just ‘lost’ in his own world. NOW, just in this last week he has started talking, playing with us and his older brother, running and interacting with kids at the park, a million things that would fill this page. HBOT has not only made myself feel better and look younger but has changed my son’s life in a way that hundreds of hours of therapy were doing but at a rate 100x faster. I think we just sped up his improvement by 10 years! Its super expensive but whats more worth it, money in the bank, or when your child looks you in the eye for the 1st time ever and calls you “mommy” and laughs and plays like a normal little boy.

— Lisa

My daughter is almost 40 and was a productive member of society (masters degree in special education and a teacher) when a doctor finally determined the reason for her multiple symptoms including brain fog, joint swelling, extreme fatigue, etc., was Lyme disease. Dee started using a friend’s chamber about a year ago. I drove her there and back and we did this approximately every third day, requiring a 3-hour block of time to include drive-time for each one-hour dive session. There were times that I had to be out of town for a couple weeks and during those periods, without diving, she felt she regressed. It became apparent that we needed the system in our own home if we were to make headway. Now she can dive every day and goes in and out of the chamber without any assistance from me. We believe the chamber is making a difference. We remain optimistic! I can say that both Michelle and Summit have been very responsive to us in our purchase and setup of hbot in our home. Dee followed the instruction manual to assemble the unit herself. When she had a question, Bruce at Summit was able to help her by phone. At $100-150 per hour to dive in a commercial business which we did several times when Dee’s friend was out of town, we determined that buying our own was a cost-effective approach to looking at this investment.

— Dorothy Stewart

I love it, back pain gone in 1 day . The power of PEMF, Thanks again for everything. I generally don’t leave feedback but Michelle is truly the best A+++++++

— Mustanguy

Dr. Garry A. Warner D.C. – I have a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber at my Denver clinic. I’ve helped a number of Broncos members. And I, myself, have achieved results with an upper neuron motor lesion injury. I couldn’t stand on my feet for long without hanging onto something. I’ve now completely regained my balance. In addition, all of my nerve related symptoms are gone. I’m slowly but surely regaining feeling. My patients are similarly experiencing miraculous results. One of my patients had lost her ability to play piano due to a brain injury. She called me after just two treatments, excited that she could play again. HBOT is helping a COPD patient to be able to breath freely again. It seems that the lower pressure is benefiting him, whereas a high pressure chamber would be dangerous for this condition. mHBOT opens a new frontier of health for COPD. This and much more!

— Dr. Garry A. Warner D.C.

Good Morning Michelle: Thanks for your help, concern and empathy – Your business is more than merely selling a product, it’s helping to instill hope while providing us with tools to help bodies fight various conditions and diseases. It went above and beyond the call of duty helping me find Elizabeth to talk to about my granddaughter’s condition. Thank you so much!

— Joe McManus

I have just opened my UTAH clinic and am having amazing success. This is Sierra, who has Microcephaly and Encephalopathy, with tics. This is after her 4th session in the Hyperbaric Chamber. Her tick has already reduced We are very excited seeing the progress she is making.

— Rob Brenchley

Body Renew Clinic

I love the 7 psi. I started out doing hbot at 2.0 ata at my doctor’s office and had amazing results with overall inflammation reduction, energy, brain clarity, and complete remission of gastroparesis symptoms. Previously I took 9 digestive enzyme capsules per day along with intestinal and colon cleansers. That’s about 21 capsules per day that I no longer need for my digestion and bowels to function. Because I had such great success I was excited to find a chamber that would get me fairly close to the hard chamber pressure that was working so well for me. My husband “tucks me in” to my chamber and then I let myself out when I’m done. I have no problems releasing the buckles or working the zipper by myself. There would have been a time that would have been more difficult for me, but I am able to manage it well now. These days I use the chamber for 2 hours at a time with full oxygen 4-5x/week. This is what works best for my schedule with my kids out of school. I should also add that I started losing my improvements quickly within 1 week of stopping hbot at my doctor’s office. It was scary how my health took such a drastic dive during that break. That was after 30 dives there. I knew I’d need to continue this long term, and didn’t want to keep paying the doctor’s rates. Plus the convenience of having my chamber at home has been priceless. So, that’s my story. Let me know if you have any questions. I’m happy to help anyone who needs it.

— Michelle Mortimer

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